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Switched On Bundaberg

"Switched on Bundaberg" brands an initiative led by regional business and industry and was borne from conversations and ideas initiated at Bundaberg Digital Boardroom events. The Bundaberg Digital Boardroom and supporting “Switched On Bundaberg” initiative provide a forum for business and industry stakeholders to take action and highlight the importance of delivering high quality broadband access throughout the Bundaberg Region.

Given the ongoing evolution in governmental policy towards Australia’s broadband infrastructure, the Bundaberg Region as a collective whole must take proactive action to reinforce why quality broadband in the Bundaberg Region should be a priority investment. “Switched On Bundaberg” is the forum that helps to build this strong grassroots support among local leaders that represent key industries and the broader business community on key technology issues that face our region.

Moreover, the call for further investment in and development of regional Australia underscores the need to deliver vital communications infrastructure that supports related communities. Without access to affordable high-speed broadband, regional Australia cannot position itself to take advantage of future opportunities that encourage economic progress and prosperity. The implementation of NBN infrastructure is therefore seen as the foundation upon which Bundaberg businesses can transform and grow, building an internationally competitive and diversified industry base to support our regional economy.

In addition to advocating for improved infrastructure developments, “Switched On Bundaberg” will further encourage discussion and ideas around the progressive use of technology and digital engagement within our region’s business community. It is important for our regional businesses to be aware of, and exploit the latest in digital tools to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and secure their future in the digital economy.

Ultimately we, as a community, are responsible for elevating Bundaberg’s state of digital maturity. It is up to us to give ourselves a competitive advantage through the enhanced use of technology and ensure that our region is not on the wrong side of the digital divide.

So what’s in it for you? The answer is a better Bundaberg Region for all of us, through advanced technology and the creative ideas in which it is applied. The choice is simple – we can collectively raise our voices and shape our digital future now, or remain satisfied with the status quo when it finally arrives.

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